Tailored White 501s

*All pics taken by my man Michael*

Last week I posted about having my white 501s tailored.  Now that they are done, I figured I would do a post so you can see them in their full glory.  On the men’s style blogsphere, tailored white 501s are synonymous with Sid Mashburn.  Unfortunately, I don’t live in ATL, so I had to go another route.  I snagged these off of Zappos (FYI: Zappos stays with white and a host of other colored 501s in tons of sizes for $40 year round) and took them to a new seamstress around the corner from my apartment.  I wanted to give this seamstress a run because the one I was going to is about 15 miles from my place… and the new one is two blocks.  I also figured if she f—ked my jeans up, they were cheap enough to replace.  She did an amazing job.  I dropped them off Wednesday and picked them up Friday.  I spent $40 on the jeans and $20 on the alterations.  I made sure they had no break what so ever as I plan on wearing them either sockless or with colorful ass socks.  I figured I would do what I felt was a good fall/post Labor day fit.  I could have gone with a blazer but I wanted a more casual look, so I went with my dark rinse Gap denim jacket.  Kept the rest simple with a Rugby Club Collar Oxford, Club Room knite tie, Perry Ellis woven belt, and CK bucks.  The watch is Timex, strap J. Crew, and the bracelets are my own creations.  I figure I will probably bust a fit similar to this out for homecoming in early October.  More pics after the jump.